Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Offseason

Its been a real struggle lately to scale back my workouts for the offseason. Part of me wants to go full out and attack my workouts the same way I do during the season but I know that this level cannot be maintained and makes me prone to injury. The other part of me wants to sleep in every day (I have overslept for two workouts in the last two weeks, something I almost never do). I have some specific goals for next year and I feel that scaling back might diminish my ability so I have to remind myself that in the offseason I can still maintain my endurance but need to focus on strength and speed too.

I am supposed to be rehabbing a shoulder right now and I am a little weary of how much good Physical Therapy will help. If I really do need surgery then will PT do any good? Plus this is the first time I have seen a PT and after a few visits where they worked out the muscles using ART and used ultrasound now I am showing up so that I can do my strengthening exercises. Can't I just do those at home? I am smart enough to do that, why do I have to pay so that someone can watch me? I will stick with the schedule for a couple of weeks and see what they say but before long I am going to have to cut back on the office visits. Its getting expensive!

Another thing that is really hard for me to do is keep good nutritional habits. I slid pretty far the week after Longhorn and I figure a week of indulgence is probably OK but now it is getting hard to stay on track because my training schedule is not as structured either. I need to get back to it soon and besides one of my goals for offseason is to improve my nutrition plan dramatically so next season I can be just as structures as my nutrition as I am with my workouts.

Lots of changes to make so I better put down the Chocolate Bar and get to work...

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