Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It goes without saying that Triathletes are highly motivated. Whether you are a one time triathlete or compete an entire season it takes dedication and sacrifice of time to train for triathlon. I have even heard it said that most triathletes enjoy the training as much as the racing. From my own experience this is true. I am now in the 12th week of my off season and I can feel the itch to race again. The problem is that my first race will not be until April 5. I have about 4-6 weeks of "off season" training before I start to get more specific. Because of this I can feel myself loosing the motivation to train. Getting up in the morning is getting harder (especially when its cold outside). The garage wall is getting boring as I spend time on the trainer but its tough to get excited about riding outside when its 30 degrees. So what does one do if motivation starts to wain?

Here is my advice:
  1. Take a few days off. Not just one but two or three in a row. This is by far the best way to recharge but sometimes it is the hardest one to choose. Missing a workout can drive a person crazy when their normal schedule is to do something every day.

  2. Do some sort of activity that is not even remotely related to triathlon. I have started attending group fitness classes once a week just for a change of pace. My gym also has a rock wall that I like to climb every so often (great cardio workout, that heart rate will sky rocket when your scared of falling).

  3. Force yourself to do the workout. This one can be dangerous!! pushing your body to workout when your mind is not in it can lead to injury and can also lead to further burnout. That said sometimes breaking through that mental barrier can strengthen you mentally and physically.

Just some thoughts since this was the second day in a row that I consciously slept in (Oh! Crap did that really happen!! I better get to the gym tonight before I lose all that conditioning I've gained).

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