Saturday, March 21, 2009

It is official

Well it took me three days to talk myself into the commitment but I slept on it and I don't think that I can pass up the opportunity so I spent the money and signed up. Yes, I am now officially committed to the Ironman St. George in 2010. It seems like a long way away and a lot can happen in 13 months but this is the life of the Ironman (signing up for races at least a year in advance just to secure a spot). My plan this whole time has been to do my first full in 2010. The St. George IM is in May which is about a month earlier than ideal but I had to jump at the chance instead of waiting for Coeur d'Alene and hoping that I am a lucky one that gets into the race.

You have no idea how exciting this is. Official training wont start until December but just signing up has changed my view on this season and it's goals. I am still going for it this year with all my original goals but now in the back of my mind I will be training for the IM the whole year. It is funny how daunting of a task this feels like. Even bigger than the Texas Water Safari which was 260 miles non stop with no outside support. I had to plan for a 60+ hour race then yet this Ironman is only 140.6 miles and at the most will take a third the hours of the TWS. I have a lot of planning and a lot of dreaming to do in the next year. Oh yeah and I cannot forget all the special favors I will have to do for the family over the next year so that they will stay supportive and not regret letting me fulfill this dream.

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shellie said...

Congrats on embarking on this journey! And, yes, it is a family thing. When you commit to Ironman training, your whole family does : ) I'm not sure we've ever met, but I am a USAT coach who has coached a handful of first-time Ironmen and women. I will be happy to offer any advice you might need. Also, I am hopeful, as the event nears, that we can have some Austin group training sessions for all those particpating.