Monday, October 26, 2009

Longhorn 70.3

Season is over and what a season ending race it was! I will work on the full race report and get it up soon but I am going into surgery tomorrow morning ( yes I am finally doing it instead of complaining here all the time) so who knows when I will feel up to typing. I will have a lot more down time for a few weeks so we'll see.

The short of it was that I had my best race results at the HIM so far. Everything went as planned, nothing went wrong despite my mind trying to insert negative thoughts every 5 minutes. that negative thinking scared the hell out of me. I guess I just needed a good race to validate all time spent this year and I just got scared that if was all going to go down the drain. If I had to fault myself for anything it would be that I had to make a pit stop in T2 which took an extra minute or so. Running on a full bladder does not feel good at all so it was a necessary 60 seconds.

Thanks to my family for putting up with me this year. I can be single minded during the season.

Stay tuned for several posts on the seasons ups and downs and training pros and cons.


tejasphotography said...

Here's a picture I got of you at the race - hope you like it!


Michael Clark said...

Thanks but that photo is not me. There were two Michael Clarks at the race though. I was number 697. I looked through the rest of the pictures but did not see any of me. Great photos. I saw that you have been at every race I did this year. i did a quick look but did not see any of me. Surprising that out of all those races there is not a single picture. Maybe next time.