Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Half way there

Well this week marked the halfway point in training for St. George. For the first time this weekend I felt like all the hours are starting to pay off. I know that there are lots of days left so I do not want to get overconfindent but I am feeling quite content compared to a few weeks ago.

Maybe my mood has changed because there are signs that Spring is trying to force its way into Austin. Of course as I write this the sleet is turining to snow. But this weekend it was in the 70s and the first time I was able to ride and run without feeling like a giant marshmallow trying to keep warm. Just a small taste of Spring has given me new life and made me actually want to get up and get outside. The snow will be gone by tomorrow and it will be back into the 60s by Friday so hopefully another great weekend of training.

Four weeks until the first race of the year. A warm up Half Ironman to test my fitness level and make sure everything is working correctly. I am getting excited about finally racing. It was a short offseason so I have been training all winter. Typically I would be only about 2 or three weeks into training and not ready to race yet, but since I started early this year I want to get some confidence built up about a month out from St. George. 

I do have to close by giving props to my new piece of gear. A couple of weeks ago I made a saddle change. I have been dealing with the stock saddle on my bike for almost 2 years and finally go around to something more comfortable. I went with the Koobi Tri Saddle and I will tell you that it is night and day. I can ride all day and nothing goes numb (big plus). I can even ride at the tip of the saddle when I am really hammering it and don't feel any discomfort. I underestimated the value of a good saddle and would say it ranks up there with must have gear. Probably above my race wheels and aero helmet.  

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Ryan said...

Give em hell! And thanks for the tip on the saddle, I will have to tri that one out..