Friday, March 26, 2010

Race time, finally!!

Finally I get to race this weekend. The day to day grind of training gets old. I have not raced since October so almost 5 months have gone by. This is normal over the winter but what is making this year harder than most is that I started the training season in January. Normally I would have taken it easier over Jan. and Feb. but with IM St. George coming in May I had to start training early.

This weekend will be my warm up for IMSt.G. It is the Tall Texan Half Iron in Boerne. A very small race (only 75 people total are signed up) but I am looking at it as a training day more than anything. This is my one chance to test out my nutrition and gear prior to St. George. In fact the cold winter we have had this year means that the temperatures (60 degree water, 50 degree air) will be about the same as Utah will be in May. I am nervous about freezing to death on the bike because I will be wet, but I think putting on a long sleeve jersey over my tri suit in T1 will keep the chill away until I am dry. The adrenaline will be flowing too, so I may not notice the air temp. when coming out of the water.

Random Thought:
With my IM coming soon I was thinking the other day that I am not going to know what to do with myself after May 1st. The rest of my year will consist of maybe 2 HIMs and some Olympic races. I have become so used to 12-14 hour training weeks that cutting back to 8-10 hour weeks is going to free up a lot of time for family activities, but it is also going to feel wierd to have all the free time.

I will post a race report next week.

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