Monday, December 21, 2009

1200 meters of bliss

Don't tell my doctor about this, but this morning I swam 1200 meters. It was the first time my toes have touch the swimming pool in 8 weeks. The doctor said to wait until I see him for my checkup in January but that is not until late January. There is no way I can wait that long. Originally he told me 8 weeks out of the pool so I have obeyed his orders and now I need to get back into it, or at least test the waters, so to speak. I need to know how my shoulder will react. If it feels fine now it will only get better. If I wake up tomorrow and I can't move my shoulder then at least I know I am not quite ready.

Swimming will always be my first love. At my gym when you check in at the front desk there is a window that looks directly into the lap pool. Every time I go to the gym I see that pool and my heart sinks knowing that I cannot join the other fish. Well today I was feeling like a kid the day after school lets out. Ready to jump in and stay all day.

I took it easy, 4 X 300M, at a slow easy pace. The shoulder held up well. I expected a lot of tiredness but there was very little of it. I did feel some deep muscle soreness in the front deltoid but I have been feeling that even out of the pool. So I conclude that swimming is back in the workout rotation. It will be slow and limited in distance for a couple weeks but it feels good to be a fish again.

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