Monday, December 28, 2009

Offseason, Onseason

Well the Offseason officially ended yesterday. I celebrated it with a hill workout that had me cursing and wanting to walk the bike home. In an anti-climatic fashion I started the season with a day off today. Now that is the way to do it! Maybe I should go a step farther and head to McDonald's for lunch to celebrate.

I think two words describe this offseason. Short and Relaxing. Last year I did not start the season training unitl February. This year I am having to start early because of my Ironman in May. As of today I have 18 weeks. I am a little nervous about the training and wondering if I am going to be ready. I also know that I cannot go into hibernation during the cold weeks in January. I actually have to get out a brave the cold weather. At least there is not 2 feet of snow on the ground. My offseason was more relaxing than last year partly because of the shoulder surgery. For 4-6 weeks I could not do anything except run and bike and you can only do so much of that. To tell you the truth I am not quite ready to start training. I am enjoying my time off, but I also know that if I take too much time off it will be that much harder to get started again.

I though about posting all the graphs and spreadsheets that I keep on my training so that everyone can see the actual numbers comparison between this offseason and last, but does anyone really care besides me. Plus it would just show how much of a Trigeek I am.

Have a great New Year and if I don't end up posting before January 7th. Hook'em Horns!!!

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