Friday, December 4, 2009

Random thoughts

Supposed to snow today in Austin. It happens every couple of years and its always exciting since we don't get to see it a lot.

I have been lazy about keeping up with the surgery recovery but honestly there is little to talk about. It has been almost 6 weeks and I only feel it every once in a while when I try to lift something too heavy. I am getting anxious to start strengthening the shoulder, even if it is just bands. I see the doctor next week and hopefully he will clear me for at least some light strengthening and if I am lucky, swimming. I have a couple of weeks until I start training for IM St. George so I am not too concerned yet. I have been on the bike and running regularly so I may loose some speed in the swim but I know I can still do the distance.

I am kind of sad that I still only have one person whom has become a follower of my blog. I have a lot of people that read it because it is linked to Facebook but no one has come over to the Blogger site and registered as a follower. Hint, Hint... I would love to see names up there even if you do not actually read all my crap. Of course does anyone really care what I talk about? Some blogs are useful but others, like mine are really just to satisfy my own desire to have people love me. So where is the love people?

As I said above not that any cares but I have recently been dealing with a foot issue that is causing some stress. About three weeks ago the lateral side (outside) of my foot went numb. It has been diagnosed as an entrapment of the Sural Nerve but even the podiatrist is perplexed that I have no obvious signs of trauma or specific pain. It is annoying when I run but no pain and it has not gotten worse. Doctor injected the site with a local steroid to reduce inflammation but I am still unsure if that is going to do the job. We'll see.

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Ryan said...

If it is any consolation, I have the opposite problem. I have ten people who follow my blog and I think that less than that read it.
Please continue blogging. I appreciate your insight, and like to hear that someone else has similar goals and is working through obstacles in striving to achieve them.